• 06.11.2017
  • 13:53
  • by Lauren Williams

With beautiful countryside to explore, historic sites to learn about and stunning cities filled with museums and art galleries to discover, the Midlands have a wealth of attractions and activities to keep you entertained on any day, come rain or shine.

Here’s our list of the best things to do on a touring trip through the Midlands, the most difficult decision will be which one to do first!

Chatsworth House

Chatsworth House | By Ian Parkes from Buxton , [CC BY 2.0] , via Wikimedia Commons


  • 04.10.2017
  • 12:00
  • by Lauren Williams

The Channel Islands seem a million miles away across the ocean, but in fact, they’re just a hop, skip and a jump on a boat from Southampton, and are the perfect location for a caravan holiday.

The Channel Islands are relaxing, beautiful, and almost Caribbean if you get the right weather. But it’s not just about Jersey and Guernsey, but the lesser-known, littler islands are worth your time too. Here’s our guide to exploring them.

Beautiful views from the Channel Islands

Lovely landscape of Jersey


  • 05.09.2017
  • 17:06
  • by Lauren Williams

The Lake District is one of the most popular places in the UK to go on a staycation, and now that it has been awarded UNESCO status, it’s sure to get even more popular.

With its rolling hills, dramatic skylines, and endless green spaces to run around in, it’s not surprising that you’ll want to take your pooch with you on your caravan trip to this beautiful part of England. Here are the best walks for you and your four legged friend, from long to short, hilly to flat.

dog roaming free by the lake

Lauren with her dog outdoors in the Lake District | ©2017 Lauren Williams


  • 29.08.2017
  • 13:00
  • by Lauren Williams

There are many reasons which make caravan holidays great, and many more reasons to do this in the glorious Lake District.

Not only does it provide the perfect setting for a perfect English holiday, but you can make it what you want - active or relaxing, foodie or boozy, lakeside or mountain base! Here are our top reasons for taking a caravan holiday to Cumbria’s Lakes.

Road to Buttermere in the Lake District

Beautiful vista around Buttermere in the Lake District | ©2017 Lauren Williams


  • 09.08.2017
  • 17:06
  • by Lauren Williams

Ah Edinburgh, our home base and working city for all of us here at Caravan Sitefinder. And what a city it is, especially in August when the sun is (mostly) shining, the rain has (kind of) stopped, and the circus is in town.

Edinburgh Fringe Venue Sign

Look out for venues throughout the city during the Fringe | ©2017


  • 06.07.2017
  • 14:00
  • by Lauren Williams

The North Devon coastline is full of giants - giant cliffs, giant waterfalls, giant moors and giant cream teas.

It is rugged, wild, and dotted with pretty fishing villages which tumble towards the sea. North Devon was made for hiking boots, and with views which stretch out to that endless horizon it would be rude not to tramp its path. Here are just three of our favourite walks in North Devon, suitable for all levels.


  • 20.06.2017
  • 14:51
  • by Lauren Williams

Both beautiful and bleak, Dartmoor is one of the only places left in the UK where you can still find isolation.

On Dartmoor you can park your car and walk off into the gorse for half an hour without even seeing anyone. Some call it desolate, others think it’s the most beautiful place on earth.

It rains on Dartmoor, a lot, but between the marshes and the tors and the Dartmoor Ponies, there is a strange kind of beautiful. Walking on Dartmoor is not to be taken lightly, however. The weather can roll in at any second and disorientate you, it can get cold quickly and there may not be either phone signal or another soul within miles. With this in mind, here is our quick guide to walking on Dartmoor, come rain or shine.


  • 05.05.2017
  • 10:16
  • by Dimitri Cartaxo Marquez

Hello, I’m Dimitri Cartaxo Marquez, a french student in the first of a two-year technical course in International Trade in Tours.

During this first year of study, an internship is compulsory abroad. For me, it was the occasion to discover a new country where I never come: Scotland.

After some weeks of research, I decided to contact Robin Morris, Tribalogic’s director and he accepted and also my friend Alicia later. The 29th April, we arrived in Edinburgh and we laid down our hats for 2 months in Dean Village, a part of the down really beautiful with the river which cross this quarter of Edinburgh.


  • 10.04.2017
  • 12:08
  • by Lauren Williams

Cornwall is a walker’s dream - pathways undulate under tree canopies, there are beaches for miles and there is always a pub at the end of a trail to rest your feet and replenish energy.

Walking in Cornwall doesn’t have to be tough, and although there are giant cliffs to traverse, you can admire all that Cornwall has to offer by taking the easy route, too. Here are three of our favourite easy walks along the coast in Cornwall.


  • 29.03.2017
  • 14:43
  • by Lauren Williams

Having a room with a view is a luxury in life, and when you’re camping or touring you have the unique perk of changing this view as many times in a week as you like!