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For those that love camping, there is no better place to visit than Malta, taking in trips to its sister islands of Gozo and Comino.

Camping in Malta - Views of the sea while on a camping holiday in Malta (© Image by andriusm on Pixabay)
Views of the sea while on a camping holiday in Malta
© Image by andriusm on Pixabay

Why try camping holidays in Malta?

The camping experience in Malta offers access to the stunning islands of Malta at a reasonable price. 

When to camp in Malta

The best seasons to camp in Malta is during Spring and Autumn, when the Mediterranean weather is not so hot or windy.

These seasons offer scenic views to inspire artists, and create the perfect backdrop to a holiday. The flowers pop out of the ground, providing absolutely stunning views. Waking up with the bluest of skies as a backdrop to the flora of Gozo, Comino and Malta is simply dreamy. 

Where to camp in Malta

There are a number of official campsites in Malta offering a variety of facilities from the very basic, to full services.

Consider what will make you comfortable - do you need showers and a private pool? Or are you happier with a more basic campsite surrounded by a stunning landscape and secluded beaches?

There are no official campsites in Gozo or Comino. 

Wild camping in Malta

It is possible to take your camping experience further, and try wild camping. To do this, you'll need a permit from the Local Councils.

Always check with the local council for the rules in the area, and whether you need a permit. Usually camping directly on the beach is not permitted. 

Visiting Gozo

The options for wild camping are not yet regulated so you can’t officially camp here.

However it’s essential to visit both the sister islands, so the best solution is to stay in one of the traditional farmhouses and villas of Gozo.

The beauty of Gozo is endless. Simply decide what is important to you - views over the beaches, proximity to the dive sites, trips to the historical sites, access to the endless walking paths - and make a plan to see them. 

Visiting Comino

For an escape even wilder, visit the smaller, uninhabited island of Comino, which is well worth a trip, for breathtaking beaches and pathways across the island. 

For more information on Gozo and Comino, check the Visit Gozo website.