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Travel Survey 2021 - VW camper van
VW camper van

Times have changed. At the start of 2020, many of us were looking forward to jetting off to distant shores, as usual, hoping that Covid-19 would all be over very soon. A year on and we are still in a state of limbo but with new hope for summer getaways in 2021 since the rollout of the vaccine.

Most Planning Only a UK Holiday in 2021

We asked hundreds of British holidaymakers where they were planning to holiday this year and how they now feel about travel. Over half of those surveyed (57%) said they were only planning a UK holiday this year, with 31% saying they were hoping to have both a UK and a foreign holiday and just 1% planning only a foreign holiday, even if it has to be rescheduled. A further 11% told us they were unsure.

Of those planning to travel to Europe, just 5% said they were considering going to France, only 1.5% the Netherlands, 1% Germany and 0.5% Belgium. A further 5% said they were planning a holiday further afield when safe.

How We Feel About Travelling Now

We asked, how do you feel about travelling in 2021?

Almost half (43%) said they would feel confident to travel once they were vaccinated, while a further 24% said they felt confident generally, another 21% said they did not feel confident about travelling this year, and 14% were not sure.

When asked, what would make you more likely to book a holiday in 2021?

Almost half (43%) said that the price and value for money were major factors. Over a third (38%) said that vaccination would make them more likely to book, and 31% cited ease of travel as an important factor.

Travel Anecdotes

When asked what would make you more likely to book a holiday in 2021? The overwhelming consensus concerned Covid rates falling and the need for a 100% refundable booking.

·       “Guaranteed refund if cancellation”

·       “Good T&Cs for refunds”

·       “Reassuring COVID 19 policy”

·       “Being sure of getting money back if cancelled due to COVID

·       ”This nightmare pandemic to be finally over”

Summer Holidays are Still Top

When asked what month are you planning to travel, over 60% said they are planning their main holiday this summer between May and August (30% in May-June and 30% July-August) with a further 24% saying September, just 5% planning for a break in November/December and 2.5% in October.

Beach Breaks by Car Most Popular

We asked what kind of break are you planning and almost half (49%) said they are planning a beach/coastal holiday with 20% planning a countryside retreat, 7% a lakeside setting and 5% a woodland log cabin break.

When asked what’s your preferred method of transport? 42% said car, 33% said plane and 32% said camper van/motorhome. Only 15% said ferry and 9% said Eurostar.

Camper Vans and Tourers are Top in 2021

When asked what kind of accommodation you would choose for your holiday, 57% said their own camper van/motorhome with just 10% saying they would choose a holiday cottage and 4% saying a hot tub holiday home. A perhaps surprising 17% said they would choose to stay in a hotel or holiday apartment while only 2.5% said a tent, although this may be due to campsites not being able to open all communal areas during previous lockdowns.

For more on your views surrounding holidays and travel during the pandemic, please visit Travel Survey Statistics 2020 and The Future of Travel Post Covid 19.