One of Cornwall’s biggest caravan sites, Hendra Holiday Park, will be switching to solar power this week.

The site’s new 10-acre solar farm, which contains 5000 230W solar panels and is calculated to provide more than half of the site’s current power needs, will be activated on 8th July.

The 1.15MW array will produce the equivalent electricity to 255 home’s annual usage and will save 1,015 tonnes of CO2 emissions per annum.

It is calculated that with power production peaking during the summer, when occupancy is at its fullest, Hendra will use more than 90% of electricity generated. Surplus power will be exported to the National Grid. Savings will be reinvested into Hendra’s sustainability programme, which includes electric vehicle charging points for free use on site by the public.

The farm was developed with as little disruption to habitat as possible, including a 10m wide wildlife corridor around the field hedge. The array has been designed with 1m clearance, so 80% remains open green space allowing sheep to grazed beneath.