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High Moor Farm Park

Harrogate, North Yorkshire

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Situated on the A59 four miles west of Harrogate on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales. The caravan park hosts a range of accommodation including owner occupied caravan holiday homes, and touring pitches for guests who wish to bring their own tourers and motor caravans.

We have a wide range of recreational facilities including a licensed bar, serving first class bar meals, a nine-hole golf course, bowls and fishing are available subject to a small fee.

Open from:
1st March to 31st October

Disabled access, Family park, Chemical disposal point, Electric hook-ups, Laundry, LPG stockist, Sanitary block(s), Shop, Swimming pool(s), Washing up facilities, Bar, Restaurant

amusement area (including pool tables etc.)
public telephone
golf on site
storage available

Motorhome pitches, Seasonal pitches, Touring pitches, Swimming pool(s), Holiday homes (owned)

Nearby attractions:
Fishing, Golf

Ripley Castle
RHS Garden Harlow Carr
Harrogate International Centre
Brimham Rocks

High Moor Farm Park (www)

Skipton Road
North Yorkshire, North of England
United Kingdom
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2.0 stars

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5.0 stars

We found the site to be very relaxed, family friendly with a great bar on site serving lovely pub grub. The most notable point for us (with a football mad 11 year old) was rather than put lots of “don’t do this, don’t do that” signs up as club sites tend to - they actually have a full sized football pitch with goalposts - awesome!

1.0 stars

What can we say about this place? Nothing good at all about the owners. They are horrible.

1.0 stars

*****BE VERY AWARE*****
This review echoes the majority of the previous reviews. DO NOT STAY HERE!!!!!
We are a normal happy, down to earth and hard working family like the majority of our fellow caravaners. We loved our trips away touring & decided for a change to site our van here on a seasonal pitch for the summer season. We did our research & read the quite shocking reviews prior but thought surely it couldn't possibly be that bad being open minded people. We had a look around the site a few weeks prior to it opening. It did appear rather run down, old dirty green vans , derelict hard standing pitches, personal belongings scattered around and blown over, (it does get very windy up here by the way) very overgrown dog walks but used our imagination and looked beyond to it been open and occupied so we committed and paid our ground rent. (Point to mention if you pay by credit card they add on a huge handling fee!!
BIG MISTAKE!!!!!!We were told that the site used to be a working farm in the 70's and the same owners still have it today. Unfortunately, to be quite frank I don't think they are able to differentiate between cattle and customers and I'm sure the cattle would have been treat more favourably. Customer service is very poor and severely lacking.
Do you have children??? THEN ALSO BE AWARE!!! The sheep in the near by field are treat better than the children staying here I'm sure. The staff are rude and obnoxious and clearly dislike children visiting their site.
Yes we agree that all sites must have rules but the rules here are extremely over the top.
One previous reviewer described the site as resembling a concentration camp. I couldn't agree more.They don't like children on bikes. They don't like children on scooters. Children can't play out before 9am and must go in when darkness falls. They don't like children playing with balls on the huge recreation field. They don't like children having fun in the swimming pool (no changing facilities in the pool). They get shouted at by the life guard (otherwise known as toilet block cleaner and bar worker) if they dare to enjoy themselves. They don't allow children to wear protection goggles in the pool. God help them if they run or even walk fast. Don't dare try to take a picture with your phone/camera of your children having fun as the cleaner,bar worker, pool attendant will come marching over or blow their whistle. They can't have a drink poolside not even water. We used to come away from the pool nervous wrecks!! There are cctv cameras all over the site even in the shower blocks and laundry. This did make us feel rather uncomfortable I must say. Where ever you are on site you feel like "big brother" is watching you.
There is a loud speaker system in the amusement arcade and swimming pool. If anyone feeds money into the ancient and ready for the skip machines they shout at them through the intercom which makes you jump somewhat whilst you are sat watching your children nervously at the poolside as it is part of the same system.
The shower blocks are dated back to the 70s. Trying to brush your teeth in the sink is near impossible as majority of the cold water taps don't work. There are no chairs or benches in the shower blocks. Just one solitary hook inside the cubicle!! So needless to say this makes getting ready difficult and allows your belongings to get wet. All the other nicer sites we have stayed at provided a mop and bucket for you to leave the cubicle as you find it. But nothing here I'm afraid so god help you if it is wet outside as the site has poor drainage and becomes very boggy very soon. Also ladies watch out for the shower cubicle with a huge hole behind the controls. This hole goes through to the service room behind?????
My son used to spend a small fortune in the sparse and over priced so called shop and was told he had to bring his own bag if he wanted to buy a pick n mix! Don't take life into your own hands by trying to go look at the golf course as the road to it is a NO ADMITTANCE" road and you get shouted at. NEEDLESS TO SAY WE HAVE LEFT!!

2.0 stars

Campsite nice & tidy toilets & showers clean.

However the staff DO NOT LIKE CHILDREN!!!! Even good ones, they are rude, clicky & •••••• awful the way the speak to PAYING CUSTOMERS is not nice this site has loads of potential & events they could put on but think they are only interested is their regulars without kids!
The pool is always cold, kids are constantly told they can't do this & can't do that- adults aren't even allowed to walk around the fishing lake (even if you are quiet & causing no issues) they must have a camera and sent someone to ask us to leave. They also shout loud at kids over tannoy system in arcade - they make a lot of money from families & should remember that- we only go back as we have friends who have their caravan sited there otherwise we wouldn't return - High moor please take note & try & be nice it really wouldn't hurt to smile & be nice to your paying guests!!!!


1.0 stars

I mirror the previous review do not stay here. We have stayed before so with our 2 children aged 10 and 11 having a canoe slalom competion in the area we choose to book this site.
We arrived Friday evening in the cold and wet to be told very rudely and abrubtly we had canoes on the roof so we couldn't stay, and should have stated at the time of booking we had canoes. However NO-WHERE does it state on their web site, the camping and caravanning clubs web site or UK campsites that canoes are not allowed.
So we were turned out into the cold, wet night with 2 children and nowhere to stay, being a visitor and unfamiliar with the area we had no idea of other sites, and no help or suggestions was given by the warden for other places to stay. I have to say I am so gobsmacked by our appaling treatment, never in our many many years of canoing and booking of hundreds of campsites has this ever been a requirement. Unfortunatley I must leave a star rating, however I feel this site warrents a 0 star rating.


1.0 stars


My wife and her friend (let’s call her ‘S’) were a party of 6, two mums and 4 children (8,8,8,& 6) taking a two night midweek break in ‘S’s campervan at Highmoor Park Farm Site , from Wednesday 29th to Friday 31st July 2015.

Let me say from the outset that all of our children are extremely well behaved and have been brought up in the right way. We often receive comments on this from complete strangers.

Upon arrival at the site it was found to be well kept, clean and tidy. The site is split into two beautiful fields, one of which was totally empty and locked. The one being used was half empty too. We were about to discover why!

The toilets and showers were clean as were the all amenities.

The site promotes itself as welcoming children but it is the polar opposite when it came to the staff in the clubhouse.

You could kid yourself into believing they want families here as there is a good kids playground in the centre of the site, a large heated indoor swimming pool and a large games room/arcade with pool tables, gaming machines etc etc, but…… go next door into the bar and it is something else.

The bar/restaurant are beautifully decorated and like brand new. On their first night at the site though, my wife rang me to say how shoddily our children had been treated so I decided to call in to see them.

Upon arrival, I was made to pay £1 for the privilege of visiting my family. I had a look around before we walked to the bar. I had already been informed that the bar staff hated kids but I still could not believe it when I experienced it for myself.

A large beautiful room with a shiny dance floor, stage and disco lights but nothing was in use, no entertainment, no kids disco, nothing. There were only two other families in with their children and we could hear them talking about how horrible the staff were. These other families children were playing in the middle of the dance floor, not noisily or antisocially, so our kids joined them (as kids do). I walked up to the bar where I was served by a lovely lady called Janine. The barman though (I believe he is also the owner) stood staring and scowling at the kids. He walked over to an old man sat on a barstool drinking a pint of Fosters and said ‘it gets more like a kindergarten in here every day’.
I thought to myself, surely, that’s what you want? Get kids in, parents come in and eat and drink? Simples? But the place was bare.

The night before, our children had walked up to the bar with my wife and she was told abruptly that they could not ‘approach the bar’. Why?? I witnessed the same when I sat down. A man walked up to the bar with his son then I saw him suddenly jump back two steps. The man came away from the bar laughing and shaking his head.

The games room/arcade is immediately next door to the bar but has no money change machine. Our kids walked up to the bar to ask to change some money. They were told loudly to ‘get away from the bar’ The bar is massive and there was not one other person there or waiting to be served – other than the grump old man on his stool at the end. He sat glaring at the kids, shaking his head.
There is nothing in any licensing law to prevent a child from being at a bar in such an establishment.

So, they are promoted as being family/kid friendly, have a large playground outside, an indoor swimming pool next to the bar and a large games room/arcade immediately next door but they hate kids?!?

Nevertheless we ordered food. It came but one of the children spilt something. The lovely Janine brought us some napkins. ‘S took it to the bar and asked the barman if he would put it in the bin please. He said ‘no, we don’t have any!’. ‘S’ said, ‘what about those four behind you?’ ‘They are not for you’ he said!!!! So, now, because we had kids with us, who he hated, he would not help us to help him by being clean.

The barman stood, hands on hips, staring at us. The grumpy old man also couldn’t take his eyes off us. It sound so trivial in print, but it was intimidating, disturbing and disconcerting.

The two other families near us had had enough by this time. They had had the same miserable experience as us and said that they had read such comments on-line but still thought they would give it a go, They said that they wished they hadn’t. They had intended to make a night of it in the bar but left, that was 4 adults and 4 kids takings the Site had lost.

‘S’ decided to take the bull by the horns and walked to the bar to question this individual’s attitude. He was then joined by a woman. In the meantime, our party had been joined by a nice family from the pitch next door. They too had heard about the staff’s attitude. Our children had taken to the dance floor, joined now by the other kids.
‘S’ asked why he was being like this to the children, when if they had a kids disco on, think of all of the trade they could pull in. The woman said ‘that’s not the kind of clientele we want!!’
Yes, I will repeat that. The owner actually said on the subject of attracting kids and families – THAT IS NOT THE KIND OF CLIENTELE WE WANT.
They were obviously now getting wound up by us questioning their attitude and unbelievably, we were asked to leave! We had honestly not been noisy, disruptive or antisocial in any way!
The family from our neighbouring pitch were horrified and left with us. Again, they had intended to stay in the bar longer.

When we left, at 9.30pm, the bar was left with one couple sat in a corner eating and the grumpy old man sat at the end of the bar. That’s the clientele they want is it? Peak holiday season, kids off school but they don’t want them?

It is little wonder that the second camp field is totally empty.

If you have kids, please do not stay here.


2.0 stars

My husband and i picked the site out of the holiday parks guide which we got free with one of the caravan magazine, we went with our touring caravan which we only started caravanning in august 2009 so we still feel like beginners. When we first arrived and checked in and given our pitch number and toilet key (£1 deposit refundable) also shown on how to park up caravan tow bar facing the road, awning and car, which we thought was fine, until later on in the day all other tourers plus tents which they were mixed together not vans on there own or tents on there own was coming onto the site we could not believe how close the caravans were to each other. You had nowhere to sit out apart from the back of the caravan, which everybody did and then you had people walking past between car and awning and looking in while you sat in the awning (they came past to get to the toilet/shower block and you felt as though you were on show and it made you feel uncomfortable so we kept the awning curtains shut so we could have some privacy.

On going to the showers on saturday morning getting everything sorted i could not get the shower to work, so i looked outside on the door and found a coin operated box which took 20p on finding this i had to get dressed again to go and get some 20p pieces (which it cost me 60p to have quick shower and to wash my hair hoping my money did not run out before i had finished which luckily i managed to do) which i was amazed at because at other sites we have had free showers, so from that we showered in the van.

There was a bar/restaurant on site which was only open for the royal wedding and football on the sunday, also there was an indoor swimming pool which we found on having a walk round the site but the smell of the chemicals overpowered you so much that if anybody went in with sensitive skin i would think they would have a problem on coming out where they would have to have a good long shower to rinse themselves off. And then as we were walking back to the caravan we could not believe our eyes there across the road was three electric hook-up cables, what i mean is the caravan was on one side of the road and the electric hook-up box was on the other side we thought that was very dangerous with young and children playing, and cars on there own or pulling a caravans over the cables. this is a family site but i would not take my grandchildren as i do not think its safe for them, but that is my opinion. i suppose some people might think i am nit picking, most probably i am but its just the safety on the site that worries me. most probably other people have been that are more experienced in caravanning and see no probable at all about the site.