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Eastern Beach Caravan Park

Great Yarmouth, Norfolk

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This park occupies one of the best positions on the East Coast, and was used by Anglia Television in the series "The Chief". The location of the site is quite unique in as much as it actually adjoins the beach, it has its own private access to a beach which consists of miles and miles of golden sands. It is a children's paradise where they can play in perfect safety all day.

Open from:
1st March to 14th January

Disabled access, Pets allowed, Children's play area(s), Laundry, Take away food, Bar, Restaurant, Club house

Evening entertainment

Holiday homes (for rent), Holiday homes (owned)

Nearby attractions:
Beach, Fishing, Horse riding holidays, Organised Entertainment

This site is at the centre of Norfolks beautiful Broads and rivers where the pleasures of sailing boats, motor launches, and larger passenger craft can be enjoyed by all. Within easy reach is a wealth of old castles, windmills and historic churches, Norwich Cathedral, etc. while a visit to the Royal Estate of Sandringham is always a pleasure. The Roman Site, Caister Castle and Motor Museum are local. Anglers are well catered for with Broads, river and sea fishing.


Eastern Beach Caravan Park

Manor Road, Caister on Sea
Norfolk, East England
United Kingdom
NR30 5HH
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3.5 stars

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5.0 stars

Staying on the park now . Even if the weather isn't the best there is entertainment in the club house . Well stocked bar with very good selection of drinks . Caravans are clean and modern . The new owners are modernising the camp which we understand cannot be done overnight however some great new accommodation is replacing the existing clean and comfortable caravans with even more luxury.
Well done to the new owners, keep it up..


3.0 stars

We have reviewed on this site before having visited this park last year. Our visit last year was so good that we had decided to return. We had anticipated last year that the site would be somewhere to use as a base to explore the area but the entertainment had been so good that we spent pretty much every evening and many days (and a great deal of money) on the site and adjoining beach enjoying the atmosphere. This year it was very different.

On the plus side the site have taken out the old children's play area (shown in the picture here) which was well past its best, broken and uninspiring and have put in a very good new children's area with new safety flooring. The children really appreciated that new addition. Our caravan was in good condition, clean and pleasant.

The disappointment is entirely down to the very poor entertainment. Last year the site were lucky enough to have a character who not only organised for singers and entertainers to come to the site but joined in and continued the acts after the others had left, drawing in the crowds with his edgy humour. He also sang and arranged games and competitions. This year there were a few entertainers booked but the man who has been put in to replace last year’s gem has the personality of a wet dishcloth.

On the occasional night that an outside act is booked, after they leave around 10pm the DJ puts on a string of tracks which he rarely announces. He stands behind his little box studiously ignoring the real entertainers, the holiday makers young and old who actually get up and dance or sing along to try to lessen the boredom. He does ten minute on and ten minute off stints. Playing tracks such as two tone and ska – might be to his liking but a guaranteed dance floor clearer. On the evenings where there are no acts booked they have a karaoke where the DJ manages to present a name to the person taking the stage but fails to generate any excitement at all. He then kills the atmosphere even more by attempting to sing occasionally but chooses really random songs that hold no interest singing in a characterless drone which would be funny if it wasn’t so painful overall already. Thumping music till late wasn’t a problem as everybody (the majority at least) had left the ‘entertainment’ section early.

‘Bingo Every Night’ reads the sign outside. On the occasions where there is bingo the limited bingo dialogue is embarrassing. The room were calling out the names of the numbers that he didn’t know. On one act-free night the bingo was cancelled as we were told that there weren’t enough people there. There were certainly enough to have a game and certainly as many as there were on a few nights last year where the entertainment continued regardless.

The DJ also had a unique knack of changing the records (mis queueing the MPS’s) for no reason – e.g. Elvis then onto something so random (in this example) old couple enjoying Elvis then the next record ahem MP3 minus DJ is Madness or similar – resulting in guess what – empty dancefloor! It seemed that he'd get a few children up dancing to some songs then he'd put on another string of tracks (which were completely random songs that nobody was remotely interested in) and would disappear (regularly). He'd come back and a few hardy folk would dance then he'd disappear again and so on, night after night.

While we were there I spoke to someone who told us that they had been really annoyed to turn up and find that half of the entertainment advertised on the site wasn't taking place:
I quote the Eastern Beach Website:
- 'During the summer months, we also provide entertainers for your children. These events are fully supervised and usually run throughout the day to allow lucky parents a few hours peace!' Utter rubbish
- 'We have our very own Bertie Bear, he comes out to meet all the boys and girls every night, you can also meet him for breakfast.' - Really?
- 'We provide day time activities for the children including Wii competitions, 5 a Side football, Be your own DJ and many more games both inside and out.' – We saw no evidence of this.
- ‘Our Entertainments manager and entertainer,’ – This sentence doesn’t end on the website as this is obviously where they stripped out JP from last year and didn’t update it.
Eastern Beach could you please edit your website to reflect a grain of truth or two about what you do actually offer and sack the person that you've recruited to bore everyone to death and get a decent entertainer. Get someone worthy enough to complete that unfinished sentence!

We also spoke to someone who had been visiting this site for years and they revealed that this was their worst holiday there ever. We all agreed it's a problem that could very easily be remedied if they sorted out their entertainment.

Beautiful beach and a treat to be on the coast, super caravan, really great children's play area, great value but dreadful entertainment. This year after a few disappointing attempts at enduring the entertainment onsite we spent a few evenings at the local Castle Hotel instead as they had delicious food and a very reasonably priced soft play centre attached to the restaurant/bar for the children. Adieu Eastern Beach!

My last two cents – when we left on the final ‘fun night’ – I commented to a member of staff – we are heading back to our caravan as it’s too depressing – their passing comment was –‘I know what you mean’


4.0 stars

i am a mother of three. i have a 6 year old son, a 5 year old son and a sixteen month old daughter. i have just returned from a lovelly holiday at eastern beach caravan park. the children and myself had a lovelly time. The camp itself exceeded my expectations. i paid £99 for 7 days in a two bed caravan that was able to sleep six. we were right beside the seafront. the caravan was clean, and the staff were so relaxed laid back and friendly. there wasnt too much happening on the site. however, for me that was just fine as i wanted only somewhere too stay for the week so i could go and explore the local area, brittania pier and tourists attractions.
the clubhouse is small, and didnt always smell too good, but the few people in there were very friendly and pleasent. the drinks were slightly expensive.
the games room hoewver was ridiculously cheap as was the arcade! the kids loved that! the childs play area was pretty minimal and small but ok. the site itself is much more attractive then advertised on the site. the beds and the bed linning was prestige, they appeared brand new.
however, they do alow dogs on the site, which in my experiance was fine as they were all on leads and were not allowed to foul the area, BUT the dog hairs in the caravans which are almost impossible 2 remove made myself and the kids sneeze no end as were alergic- so dont come here if u are alergic too dogs.
the caravan only has one small heater which was ok for us as it was warm but it could be a problem if u go in colder seasons. the shower doesnt work too well, it more dribbles.
there is a lovelly clean cheap cafe fight next door too it. there are food outlets, pizza, indian, chinese fish n chips all very near by and in walking distance, there is also a co- op and post office. the staff at eastern caravan beach for an extra charge of £3 will bring u ll your grocceries from tescos if u tell them in advance. u are able to pay in installments. it is difficult too get them too answer the phone when booking and also getting them too call you back. all in all i found it too be an absolute bargain. and the staff were spot on.

ipswich suffolk

5.0 stars

when we arrived we had a brill friendly welcome,walking into the caravan it was so clean and kept beautifully.the beach was so lovely and not even a mins walk away.all the staff are really lovely and the whole site is a lovely place to be.will def b going away.cant wait.highly recommed camp!!!!!!!!!my daughter is 5 and she loved it.


4.0 stars

Me my wife and family have been visiting Eastern beach caravan park for at least the last 6 years,and would not go anywhere else for our summer holidays,in fact my wife and i go at least 3 times a year,we do have our own touring caravan and have visited sites throughout England and Wales but always return to Eastern beach.The site is set in a beautiful beach side location with views from a lot of the caravans overlooking the sea,the beach is very clean and safe which is good for our 3yr old granddaughter.We always receive a warm welcome from the owners and their staff,facilities are good and our caravans are always clean on our arrival.I have just booked 3 caravans with a possible fourth for our annual family June holiday and have already started counting the days.
Eastern Beach Caravan Park, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk


1.0 stars

We booked a sea front caravan at the Eastern Beach Caravan park
my girls who are aged 7 and 10 love the beach,we arrived sat night to find the caravan dirty and spent an hour cleaning it, On Sunday we were planning to spend the day on the beach, this wasnt possible because there was too many dogs roaming the beach without leads and sometimes owners , we couldnt relax as the dogs were chasing the kids and they were terrified. we spent an expensive day in yarmouth keeping the kids Happy.Same situation On Monday Dogs ( another day in Yarmouth )
I asked for a refund and was refused. On Tuesday my ten year old was chased and scratched badly by two large red setters ,Had a huge row with the owner who was holding a lead in her hand, she and her partner couldnt care less, we spent another day in yarmouth,
If youv,e got children I would steer clear of this place it is not safe
We came home on Wednesday we,d Had enough
Eastern Beach Caravan Park, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk


4.0 stars

This is a lovely site, and the staff are really friendly and helpful. It is ideal for children as it is not too big but there are lots of things for the kids to do, the arcade room is a good size with bowling and 2p machines plus my much loved fruit machines lol. the beach is at you'r door, and the club house is reasonably priced with a range of entertainment throught the weeks.
Eastern Beach Caravan Park, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk