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How to Keep Cool in a Caravan in Summer - Keep cool in the heatwave
Keep cool in the heatwave

Wondering how to stay cool in the heatwave? No one likes feeling hot when spending time in their caravan, so what can you do to keep cool on holiday this summer?

While modern high-tech insulation ensures that newer caravans are designed to stay cool in summer and retain the heat in winter, older models are well known for heating up quickly in the sun. Here are six ways to keep cool in your caravan this summer. 

1. Invest in air-conditioning for your caravan

Air conditioning systems can be fitted when ordering a new caravan, and for older holiday homes, it is possible to retrofit a new air-con unit. Alternatively, you could look at purchasing a stand-alone air-con unit; the benefit being that it can be moved from room to room where you need it the most. Portable air-con units are available from various manufacturers, and specifications and prices can vary.

It's worth noting that portable air-con units can cost an average of 44p per hour to run since they use a lot of energy so they're not good for the environment. Prices for a portable air-con unit for a small space start at around £100 with recommended tried and tested models being around the £300 mark. 

2. Get a freestanding fan

If you don’t want to go to the expense of an air-con system or portable air-con unit, you can opt for a freestanding fan to keep the interior cooler by simply circulating the air.

You can pick up a small freestanding fan for around £20 although a silent model will cost more. A tower fan (of 35 watts) will cost around 1p an hour to run, and an 18-inch bladed floor fan (of 110 watts) will cost around 3p per hour, both of which are substantially cheaper to run than air-con. Arranging several small fans in various areas can also help to keep the interior cool by moving the air around. 

3. Fit a ceiling fan

To save space, having a ceiling fan fitted is another option, but you would need to check with the manufacturer of the holiday home whether it's possible. 

4. Use ventilation and shade

Reduce the heat by keeping curtains and blinds closed to help keep the sun out while opening windows to create a breeze. Having the side door and windows open will help to keep air moving through and patio doors in particular allow for excellent ventilation. Models fitted with Velux roof windows, often in the kitchen, allow heat to rise and escape out easily. Just don't forget to close windows and doors before going out. 

5. Cook outside

'If you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen', as the saying goes. And, in a small space like a caravan, you can stay cooler by cooking outside on a barbeque rather than in the small kitchen. You may even prefer to simply make a salad in this heatwave!

6. Freeze ice packs

Finally, the freezer is essential in a heatwave but don't fill it all up with ice cream, use it to freeze ice packs to wrap in towels and place in your bed a few minutes before you retire for the night. Relaxing into ice-cool sheets in the heat of the evening is nothing short of blissful! 

Stay cool in your caravan this summer with these top tips from the people who care at Compass Insurance