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Coghurst Hall Holiday Park

Hastings, East Sussex

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Coghurst Hall Holiday Park is uniquely set in the beautiful Sussex countryside yet only a short drive from the heart of Hastings and is the perfect location for your holiday, short breaks or luxury holiday home.

The park is hidden in a gently sloping valley stretching out over 50 acres of woodland and is host to an abundance of wildlife and beautiful natural flora which you can explore with a myriad of footpaths.

Escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life and enjoy the tranquil and comfortable retreat that is Coghurst Hall. Take a stroll around our fabulous fishing lake, the parks centrepiece and the perfect setting for family picnics on long summer days.

Enjoy Coghurst Hall's fantastic facilities - a clubhouse set in the old Manor House, plus an indoor swimming pool.

Coghurst Hall Holiday Park is one of 31 great holiday parks from Park Holidays UK.

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Open from:
13th March 2020 - 2nd November 2020

Family park, Pets allowed, Children's play area(s), Laundry, Shop, Swimming pool(s), Take away food, Visitor parking, Wireless internet, Bar, Restaurant, Club house

- Family Bar
- Arcade & Amusements Gamezone
- Entertainment Venue: live shows, disco, karaoke, competitions etc.
- Kids Club for 5-14 year olds

Holiday homes (for rent), Swimming pool(s), Holiday homes (owned)

Nearby attractions:
Beach, Fishing, Golf, Swimming (Indoor), Internet Access, Games Room, TV Room, Gym access, Snooker/Pool

Just outside the Cinque Ports Town of Hastings in 1066 Country which is steeped in English history, fishstalls and net sheds of old Hastings contrast with the modern shopping, pier and promenade. Battle, some six miles away, marks the site of the Battle of Hastings where William the Conqueror built the Abbey after his victory in 1066. The ancient town of Rye is an absolute gem with cobbled streets and higgledy-piggledy architecture and colourful history.

There are many places to visit:
- Blue Reef Aquarium
- Hastings Adventure Golf
- 1066 Target Sports
- Shipwreck Museum
- Port Lympne Wild Animal Park
- Rye Nature Reserve
- Go Ape!
- Drusillas Park
- The Hop Farm
- Battle Abbey
- True Crime Museum

..and many more!

Local Woodland Walks.
Modern Shopping Centre and Cinema in Hastings.

Coghurst Hall Holiday Park

Ivyhouse Lane
East Sussex, South East England
United Kingdom
TN35 4NP
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2.5 stars

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1.0 stars

TO AVOID – run away from this holiday park
I wanted to believe that negative comments on internet about this park were false and that customers were exaggerating .... But in fact, everything is negative in this park from A to Z.

I came to this park (as couple), with a poodle for a stay of 4 nights (Monday to Thursday)
The person at the reception told me that with an animal, I could only access a mobile home "bronze"; (Price £ 94.00 + covers)

I ask to see the mobile home before I decide to rent it: impossible (very handy !!!)
I ask if I can park my car next to the mobile home during the stay: No - you have to use the parking provided for (20/30 meters in the wet grass )- mowed but not picked up, so you get plenty of wet grass on your shoes – and it is difficult for rolling suitcases; but it is not important and not the problem of the staff who do the bookings and take the money.

I have come back at 4pm: check in time
Be careful :This site is situated along a very narrow road, when I say very narrow, it is VERY VERY narrow, two vehicles can not pass easily; local drivers drive as crazy on this road; if you like your vehicle and your mirrors, run away!!!!!!! This is good advice.
But of course, this is not the fault of the site. I give you the information so that you are warned.

So back at 4pm; difficult to park in the parking lot assigned to these mobile homes, because too small; if you come back after 5pm: good luck. I get the keys at reception (linen is supposed to have been deposited in the mobile home). 1st contact: a disaster; impossible to believe that a brand like "park holidays' can rent mobile homes in this state;
- rickety stairs and slippery
- signs of water infiltration in several places
- under the mobile home: dirty and full of trash
- curtains that seem dated decades
So first visual appearance: not very engaging

I open the door a horrible odour, a mixture of cigarette smoke, moisture and musty staring us in the throat ........ I thought that with a good draft, it will go ; Unfortunately, no. This mobilehome has not seen a vacuum cleaner for years; cleaning is non-existent,

Here's a list of defects:
- smoke detector right above the toaster : if you toast some bread : alarm.
- Draw missing from the kitchen cabinet
- living area: no woodboard on 1 meter under the cushion in the corner: do not sit there or you fall through
- Missing parts in the refrigerator: vegetables basket, handle, bar to bottle holder in the door, so not usable
- Cushions covered in animal hair of all colors , and very tired
- Linen thrown on the cushions so covered with dust and hair, so you sleep breathing this horrible odour.
- Water marks and runs on different sides of the mobile home and on the ceiling this was inside
- Ceiling lights: full of dead flies and insects.
- Mould in the bottom of the shower
- non-existent water pressure in the shower
- work tops of the kitchen and living room table: sticky, uncleaned.
- Cobwebs throug all the rooms
- Duvets and pillows: stinky and very very tired

This type of mobile home should have been removed from the park many years ago; but "park holidays" does not hesitate to rent it to tourists and pet owners.

Very disappointed with this mobile home, we decide to leave the park the next day ; we only stayed for 2 nights instead of 4; we complained to the reception, which obviously gives no refund; the manager was called: he did not open his mouth, and not an apology. The front desk staff told us that she would have offered to change mobihome if we had stayed (strange: there was NO availability when we arrived !!!).

Note: acceptable food at the restaurant of this park; Please note that all staff (staff and management) spends there evenings drinking beer and shorts at the bar and restaurant from 17.00-onwards; beautiful publicity for "holiday park"; By the way, if you have a pet and want lunch or dinner, you will eat your meals on the terrace, sharing the cigarette smoke of smokers who ignore
the fact that you are having a meal (nice of the staff).

Note: You can fill out a "feedback" online !! but the page does not exist (practical to get no complaints)

So AVOID this site particularly unwelcoming; the number of my mobihome G15 in the garden,
(photos to prove the above on request if wanted)

east sussex

5.0 stars

After seeing all the bad reviews we was a little worried.....Well what a lovely caravan park, with a fantastic lake for fishing and the caravans over look the lake it`s just picture perfect ...never stayed on such a lovely looking park, the caravan itself was really really clean and we used it as our base so we basically was out everyday looking around hastings it`s self, they have a nice little club house with plenty of entertainment! will deff be back again soon that`s for sure!.

North Wales

1.0 stars

Their website looks fantastic - a beautiful country house set in 125 acres of Sussex countryside. In reality the country house is very run down with boarded up windows and the park is poorly maintained with broken fences etc. So first impressions were not good.

We stayed in a bronze caravan so we weren't expected high standards. However, even the bronze caravan fell short of basic cleanliness - our children found felt tip pens and playing cards under the beds from the previous occupants. The caravan also smelled damp, the curtains in the "master" bedroom were mouldy, and the toilet constantly stank despite apparently flushing well and with the window open.

There was also a mug with no handle, a chipped glass and a tin opener that didn't work in the kitchen.

The bronze caravans are also used by pet owners. We are animal lovers and our house is pretty much like a zoo at home so we didn't mind other people's dogs. What did upset us though was that dogs were allowed to defecate all over the area and was not picked up - there were no signs politely reminding dog owners of their responsibilities and there were no dog dirt bins to encourage them to pick up after their dogs.

So, we decided to try out the park's facilities. The swimming pool was small, badly lit and freezing cold. There was also no lifeguard in attendance (there is a disclaimer on the wall saying that you use the pool at your own risk) this meant that the pool was completely taken over by a gang of teenagers who were jumping in, splashing and throwing a ball around - knocking into our little ones in the process and rendering the pool quite unsafe for other users.

The female changing room was appalling. It is a typical communal changing room but with one main drawback - the door to it swings open freely and stays open, and allows anyone passing in the main corridor to look in. Of course, being summer holidays and there being an abundance of curious male teenagers on site, this became quite unusable to all but the most extrovert attention loving females.

The showers were a disgrace too which were dirty and had ripped shower curtains.

The park's entertainment was bog standard holiday camp fare - bingo, karaoke, discos etc. But to get to the clubhouse you have to get through the arcade. This is a typical trick of holiday parks to get parents to part with cash after being pestered by little ones attracted by the bright lights, but this arcade was strewn with litter from it's teenage patrons - no bins were provided.

However, the bar was clean and tidy and the staff friendly. The wifi also had a good signal.

We were told at check in that the park gates would be closed at 8pm but we found that the gates stayed open 24 hours a day. This may be a security risk in the long run.

The state of the park didn't ruin our holiday as there are plenty of things to do in Hastings and surrounding areas.

If you are coming to Coghurst Hall, expect the worst and you may be pleasantly suprised. It's still about half the price of Coombe Haven, in nearby St Leonards on Sea, but the cheap price is one of the few good things about this place.


* Polite, friendly staff
* Clean bar and restaurant
* Good for fishing
* Cheap


* Poorly maintained
* Caravans not properly cleaned
* No lifeguard at swimming pool
* Awful changing facilities at pool and no lockers
* Location is on a busy country lane - too dangerous to walk down - and no bus service to the park.


5.0 stars

We have just come back from a fabulous four night break at Coghurst Hall. The staff were very helpful and friendly. The caravan was clean and well stocked, and had a lovely garden along the side of it. The surrounding area is very picturesque with the lake and the surrounding woodlands making ideal walks. The swimming pool, although on the small side, was a welcome addition along with the spa. This was the first caravan holiday we have been on and this has set a very high standard for any which may follow.

West Sussex

1.0 stars

Arrived at the very dated reception area, with tiny amusement arcade and small and old bar and entertainment area. Our caravan was very overlooked so much that in the bedroom i could see what they were having for dinner in the caravan next to us. Caravan was dumped in the parking area, with no privacy or green area for children to play or for us to even sit. The caravan was silver and very very clean. There was no security, no freeview access, no phone signal where we were situated. In the event of an incident - I dread to think. Site was full and for the amount of caravans the facilities are inadequate. A dingy site and I wish I had read the other review before I went - within 2 hours we were on our way home again and so relieved to do so!!! 2 very disappointed children :(


2.0 stars

We rented a Gold level caravan for one week in August. Upon arrival the staff were friendly and helpful. The site has good facilities including a pool and jacuzzi (only open between 10:00am and 5:45pm when we were there though) and free Wi-Fi access. These are the good points!

Unfortunately the caravan was substandard to what we expected and have stayed in on other sites. We were told with some enthusiasm that it was new this year, however there was unrepaired damage to the seating and the kitchen blinds. Also it was not cleaned properly. There were dead insects at the bottom of the windows, dirt under the beds and in one of the kitchen cupboards, and the bagged bed linen had grass on it upon opening. Finally there was no lavatory paper supplied (we have NEVER had this before. One roll to use on arrival is a must) and no pegs to hang washing. This is not what we would expect at any level of accommodation, let alone when paying extra for Gold status. We were VERY disappointed.
Also be aware that parking is not next to the caravans (our caravan was about 50 meters away up a hill!) and was very busy making it difficult to find a space sometimes.

Upon further investigation it appears that the vast majority of caravans are privately owned (over 400 against 25 rentals)

Buy a caravan here and take advantage of the good location and facilities, but don't rent one!
Coghurst Hall Holiday Park, Hastings, East Sussex