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Mermaid Park

Mablethorpe, Lincolnshire

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Lovely, family run park in Mablethorpe, Lincolnshire with amazing facilities on the site. We are only a short walk away from many award winning sandy beaches.

Laundry, Shop, Bar, Restaurant, Club house

Holiday homes (owned)

Nearby attractions:
Beach, Fishing, Golf, Leisure Centre

- The Dunes Fairground
- Dolby Digital 3d cinema
- The Seal Sanctuary
- Queen's Park
- The Mablethorpe Motorcycle Sand Racing Club

- Mermaid Inn Pub & Restaurant

Mermaid Park

Seaholme Road
Lincolnshire, Central North England
United Kingdom
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2.5 stars

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1.0 stars

I visited today to find the office was empty. I was interested in viewing caravans. After much waiting around I got talking to a couple on the site who completely put me off the idea of buying here. It would appear that when you decide to sell your caravan they will usually tell you you can't sell it on the plot that you bought it on or that it has to go off the site altogether. Potentially losing a lot of money.


5.0 stars

Interesting comments. Sills76 - you will struggle to find any like-for-like caravan at a lower price and is the site is no less secure than others nearby. Sykes67 - there are no dedicated sales staff and there is no age limit on a caravan on a plot.
GemmaH1999 - I wondered when you visited the site? Your review is dated 31 Jan 2020 so a little late in reviewing as site is not open in January and neither are caravans rented out by the site, nor allowed by any owners. Try Haven for kids’ facilities.
The fairest review is by BeaumontB10 on 01 Aug 2020.

5.0 stars

I am amazed at the comments/ reviews stated. We have been on this site for 8 years and have never had a problem. The staff have all Been courteous at all times and can’t do enough to help. We are not in a clique. Compared with similar sites nearby the prices of the vans are very competitive and nearly always lower than most. There is no litter on the site and most owners look after their vans which is a site rule. The bins are emptied regularly and areas kept clean. We would recommend this site very highly

1.0 stars

AVOID! The caravans are overpriced and the site is not secure.

1.0 stars

The sales staff are pushy and misleading. They will sell you a van that is too old for the plot or park by the following year.

1.0 stars

There is nothing for kids to do here. The pub is very cliquey and we were made to feel unwelcome because we were renting the caravan.
There was lots of litter on site and the bins were overflowing throughout our stay. The man we were informed is the site manager was seen using foul language in front of children!
Not a nice environment